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I help businesses and communities use strategic digital marketing to survive and thrive in today’s connected economy.


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We simplified marketing into the 3 questions every business must ask this week at the youth entrepreneur academy with NEKEF

1. What do you have?
2. Who wants it?
3. How do you get it to them?

These are not easy questions. You could spend a long time firming up the answers…but then you'll have your marketing strategy foundation. Businesses that cannot answer these questions well will struggle to succeed with their marketing.

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One of my favorite quotes, "If you've seen one small town, you've seen one small town." So true. ❤
I spoke last week at a small town in Kansas that had a gorgeous fine arts center that would rival many of cities 10x their size. The unique businesses and organizations you find in small towns that are not only surviving but incredibly determined to grow stronger inspire me every day. #smalltownamerica #smalltownstrong

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Got to meet the original facilitator for Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation today when I spoke in Iola, KS! Janet says she loves seeing the posts about new businesses and entrepreneurs from the last remaining Sirolli group in Kansas!

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Shared the "6 Digital Marketing Essentials for Every Local Business" today at the Blish Mize Spring Market. Great turnout! Even met a @joncschallert Destination Bootcamp grad!

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I told today's group about an easy way to take your Facebook boosts to the next level…boost your boosts!
💡Wanna know the secret? Here ya' go, and you didn't even have to brave the frigid cold.
Instead of boosting your posts to the same audience over and over, sometimes you should boost it to people that already know something about you. Especially if you only have $5-10 per post. Boost it to people who have already engaged with your page, because they are more likely to like, share, or comment, which further amplifies your post. This makes your $$ stretch farther.
1. Go to you Ads Manager.
2. Go to Audiences.
3. Creat a new Custom Audience.
4. Choose the Engagement source.
5. Choose people who have engaged with your page. I recommend adjusting it to be 30 days.
6. Name your audience. I use 30DPE (30 day page engagement).
7. Go to your post that you want to boost.
8. In the audience, choose Custom, then check the box next to 30DPE.
Boom. You will boost your post to people who have visited your page, watched your video, or engaged with a post or ad within the past 30 days!
Let me know if you try it!

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We made some new friends and visited with some we already knew at the Atchison Chamber Banquet last night. I love learning about all the interesting and creative businesses people have. It's inspiring! @allison_marschean
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I can't recommend this book high enough! 👍👍Don't we all have something in business or life that we want to do better?! It's not only well-written, it's full of interesting, engaging examples that help drive the points home.
❔ What book are you reading right now (or listening to?) I have 3 daughters that play club volleyball.🏐 I'm always needing a good book to read between matches!!
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Serve something extraordinary that people can't help posting about! Like this huge ice cream cone that's less than $2! ——
But the sad news is that the business who produces these doesn't have Instagram. 😥If you search the hashtag #goldendairy, you'll see lots of yummy treats, but they're missing out on a great FREE marketing opportunity. By not having an account, people can't follow them and get more info, like where they're located so ice cream lovers can make the drive!

Repost from small town business @hollingheadfarms
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I decided to go into the office anyway, even though we're closed due to the blizzard. Internet was still down at the house, and I didn't want to get any farther behind. Hubby drove me in his Jeep…he's always up for an adventure in the snow! ❄❄Thought I'd get lots done while we were "closed". Someone else had the same idea lol! 💡 I was surprised to see a light on in Jamie's office, I think I startled her too!😯 So, Jamie and I are both enjoying a snow day at the office. 👣(But we're still closed and walking around without shoes on, so don't drop by!) #blizzard2018 #workhard #snowday #hustlemom #dothenextthing #blizzardbruce @webcomresources @jadeecollins

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This was fun! First time for everything! Thanks @joncschallert for the invite, and the mentoring. #learning #dothenextthing #smallbusinessmarketing #ruralmarketing #ruralbusiness #ideas #marketing

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Had a first today…this lovely gal recognized me by name at @magnolia. She had heard me speak while she was a student at @benedictineks. She now works at The Silos in Waco, TX…where I am this week with a client. What a small world! #moments #speakergoals #smallbizmarketing #babysteps #BBMX #speakerlife #speakerscorner

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I needed this tonight. My computer crashed at 6pm right as I was sending a final file, in a hurry to make my daughters VB game. .
Then I spent 30 minutes trying to restart it to be able to send the file, but to no avail. Finally, I closed my laptop and told it…I'm not giving up, I'll take you on later. .
❤Sometimes it's just plain perseverance that gets you to the finish line.
. .

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Just finishing up my Monday, feeling a little overwhelmed from being away all weekend, but taking it one step at a time. Sometimes I have to take a step back and look at the boxes that were checked off, instead of the many that remain undone. ❤ Monday's are my favorite day of the week because I still have so much week ahead of me to make amazing things happen. Sometimes I don't want them to end, I get so pumped. Yes, call me crazy!!
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Having fun showing how @postmuse.app works at this week's #BBMX in Sabetha #dothenextthing

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About Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth provides strategic marketing and business consulting, with a focus on digital media and results-driven strategies for smaller markets. Whether serving as a consultant to those with mature marketing programs or teaching growing organizations and companies how to take the next step, Elizabeth has a reputation as a knowledgable resource with a can-do attitude.

Elizabeth teaches Strategic Marketing for the Benedictine College MBA program, and has been a principal for digital marketing agency Webcom Resources since 2005. She is the chair of Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation, and a speaker with The Jon Schallert Group on Destination Business marketing.

Elizabeth enjoys public speaking on digital marketing topics, and can be heard at colleges, conferences, and seminars around the country. She teaches weekly marketing sessions for Northeast Kansas area businesses and hosts a monthly webinar for those who cannot meet in person.